The Night We Fought

Have you forgotten me completely, have you,
Or do behind those new walls you made,
You still sniff into your handkerchief,
And sometimes at night cry for me?
The night we fought, oh, our last fight,
I have not forgotten that, however petty it was,
It was my fault, I should have apologized,
But stupid as I was, I didn’t.
And where did that lead me, do you see,
Tonight I write about you,
Keep thinking of you, and of the things we did,
About the night we laughed, about the night we cried.

Do you think I could correct myself,
By undoing an array of things right from the beginning?
I bet that would take a lot of effort,
Breaking each new wall that you have made.
But that would simply not be enough,
Because before that, a lot needs to be done,
I need to break the walls I built as well,
The ones where I made small windows,
That I could hold to and gaze at the stars at night,
Thinking about the life we led,
Trying to decide between letting it go as it goes,
Or leaping to behold the flying kite.

Moving ahead in life, forgetting our past,
Has always been simple for me and for you,
But holding on to it, that is tough you know,
And I think maybe, just maybe, you will stay,
The others I will all lose, slowly one by one,
We will make it through this, I promise you,
I have faced fiercer storms and haven’t sunk yet,
May be my boat can face one last storm,
Before it gets to the shore on the other end,
Before I finally leave it ashore and walk on the sands,
Holding hands with those the night I fought with.


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