You turned into an owl, hooting and screeching,
All the while trying to tell me something,
My ears dilated, trying to grasp the words,
The tune of the song that you tried to sing.
Was it yesterday, or the day before,
When like an eagle you flew,
Soaring into the skies then swooping down on me,
Nibbling my eyes until they turned blue?

I had the face of a deer, you were the lion,
And I ran as fast as I could,
But I couldn’t outrun you, we knew that well,
And suddenly you overtook and in front of me stood.
The blue of the sky submerged into the waters,
The ripples as the breeze swayed it,
The leaves that I chewed, and you my flesh,
As the sun rose and the sky was yellow lit.

When I looked into the blue waters,
The ripples distorted the face I had,
I looked like a wolf, and smelled blood around,
And the air around was quiet and sad.
Then I pounced on you, and devoured you,
Chew you until the last morsel,
But all the while, you only smiled,
What would happen of us, only time could tell.

Though blood did ooze out from both of us,
My hands were painted with the color blue,
You weren’t of this world, this world knew red,
Pray tell me then, who were you?
For the dream may be untrue, for all I know,
And the things it showed might be undone,
But when the truth would sting us in the dark of night,
Pray tell me, where would we run?

2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Your imagery was great! I pictured a lone deer seeing its own reflection becoming much more…scared and helpless happening upon it’s own transformation. Thanks for the read!


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