So Far So Good

The month of August has particularly been prolific. 31 days, 31 posts. So far so good. If this continues, (which I don’t think will for long), I might end up with 300 posts by the end of this year. The problem out here is what is called the writer’s block. When you write a lot, after a point of time, you go out of topics. You don’t have things to write. You start repeating yourself, become monotonic, and then the reader feels he is kind of reading the same thing over and over again, and ultimately gets bored and leaves your blog. But that, fortunately, won’t be the case here. Ask me why.

The sole reason is that I have a great plan for September. I am not sure how much I’ll be able to carry that out, but if things go well, you might see a number of posts in September too. Most of them will be issues I think, though some might be verses as well. I have suddenly grown a new fondness for verses. And also, backstage, what am I doing? I am preparing the manuscript for my next story. That comes as a surprise, no? I am not going to reveal the topic out here, because I seriously don’t know how good it is going to go, or how long it is going to take me to finish it off. But yes, soon enough, I think. And apart from all that, we also have Project SMID – a new initiative, about which I’ve discussed in the previous post, and which, if goes down well, might inspire a lot of other people around the world, which would be in fact, my greatest accomplishment of all time.

What else have I been up to? So, if you’ve been following my personal posts, you’d be knowing I have been taking up courses for Cryptography 1 and Machine Learning. Well, now, I have finished my course on Cryptography, and so am kind of a cryptographer Level 1. Just kidding. There’s still some time for Machine Learning to end. I have my exam in the mid of next month, so I need to devote a bit of time there too, and probably that is the reason I should stop posting now, for at least a month. But, procrastination, is a bitch. And the more I have thought about stopping to write my posts, I have written only more.

But all’s well that ends well. This month was good, nothing bad happened with me; I also started some work back in my office, which mostly includes analyzing a lot of code and finding out stuff, but I don’t want to get technical right away, so maybe I’ll talk about that later; also I don’t know how much I can talk, so yeah, that’s there too. Anyhow, time for me to stop this month. Will see you soon with lots more. And if everything works out well, I might end up with 300 posts, just as I had written at the beginning of the post. Now that the post is turning around a full cycle, I am going to stop.


The Somnambulist

The rains came with thunder today,
Reminding me of a day gone by,
When you’d held me to yourself,
And sniffed and cried,
You were afraid of the lightning,
I remember.
Whilst I ran, getting wet in the rain,
My clothes drenched, my hair all wet,
You stood inside a building,
Making sure the rains never reached you,
It wasn’t until it had stopped thundering,
That you stopped sniffing,
I remember.
You were my dream,
I the somnambulist,
Walking towards my dream each moment,
Never realizing my folly,
Or what I moved towards,
Always being directed back to my sleep,
By others who thought they cared about me.
Today the rains have come with thunders,
I still remember that evening we spent,
And even now as I get wet,
I see you amongst the people inside the building.

Two Worlds

I kept walking though I knew,
I had lost my way a while ago,
But the crowd moved so heavily,
And in such vast numbers they walked,
That even if I wanted,
It was too late to turn back.
But then I suddenly saw your hair,
And though you were quite far,
I thought I might make it to you,
If I cut through the people,
And purge towards you,
But then you disappeared.
The sun was right over my head,
I, too tired to walk any further,
But were I to stand I would be,
Stamped and trampled by others,
So never stopping or missing a beat,
I walked the path everyone took.
No one seemed to care where it was going,
As long as there were others on it,
They had a belief in each other,
But looked at me with wary eyes.

Suddenly there was a fire,
And everyone started running in all directions,
I was lost,
The people I held faith in were all gone,
Every time I followed a path,
It divided into two and there were,
People on both the paths.
There was no road less taken,
And not one not taken,
All were stuffed, like raisins in a cake,
Finally we reached a river,
And some of us rowed a boat to the other side,
We will start a new world now,
And though now you aren’t there,
Though I can’t see you anymore,
I know somewhere,
You’ll start a new world too,
And maybe one day,
Our worlds would meet.

The Guy of Air

He was invisible, as if made of air,
And nevertheless he kept pulling me towards him,
I couldn’t see anything, except the room I was in,
And still I was being dragged by something.
My mother saw me from faraway,
Frightened, she ran away too.
I could see him slightly now,
The air had a thin figure made into it,
As if he were of plasma,
But it was only air,
I woke up,
I was dreaming, and I ran to my mother,
She told me it wasn’t a dream,
And that she had seen it,
I was scared,
Closed all the windows,
Tried fighting the dummy air,
But it suddenly started pulling me towards it again,
And I fell down from the bed,
But then I woke up,
And my mother was sleeping beside.

She Didn’t Fly

I put her out of the cage, on my table,
Kept a few grains in front of her,
Hoping she’d eat them,
Or at least fly away,
She didn’t fly.

I thought she’d cherish her freedom,
Dance around for a while,
Then fly into the sky,
Be forever free,
She didn’t fly.

It seemed to me she loved the cage,
Maybe she just loved me,
The cage, her world,
Who’d she fly to?
She didn’t fly.

I learnt that sometimes we nurture,
Thoughts of freedom alike,
But given the chance,
Still hold back and,
Do not fly.


As much as you try, as much as I do,
We both know it’s inevitable,
For it’s already true, it’s already true,
My love for you, indelible.
For the nights bring stars,
Oh they shine so bright,
The heart full of scars,
It cries by the night.

Entrenched my love, what should I do,
Ensconced by the fears of how you’d react,
Gratification, only a delusion,
Which wanes as the morning sun rises.
She asked me once, an innocent face,
How melancholy became the prime ingredient of life,
I told her it was inevitable,
It is sugar to the coffee, some take less, some a lot.

Parsimonious God was when it came to joys,
Did not He want us all to be happy?
Where extravagantly He spent, grooming man’s desolation,
A shrewd move, by Him.
Skirmish between the heart and soul,
Neither claims victory tonight,
For the heart is enervated, too languid to love,
And the soul, too wretched to live.

The Hare and the Tortoise

The hare challenged the tortoise,
To a race to see who’s faster,
The tortoise knew what’d happen,
Yet she still accepted to run,
Her love knew bounds for the hare,
She wished the hare knew that,
But never collected her guts to face him,
And so they were here today.

So on a fine sunny morning,
They decided to run the race,
The hare left his crutches at home,
And came limping to the starting point.
He ran on one leg for an hour or so,
The tortoise walking far behind,
Weeping when she thought how much pain,
The hare constantly endured for her.

When he almost reached the finish point,
The hare decided to sleep for a while,
And whilst he was dreaming of the tortoise,
She almost reached the finishing line.
She saw the hare sleeping,
Tired of running on one foot,
And came and sat beside him,
Dozing off to sleep in a while.

When they woke up, his pain was lesser,
The tortoise had bandaged all his cuts,
“Want to continue the race?” she asked,
They laughed and hugged each other.
For sometimes in the race of life,
Slow, steady, or fast, none matter,
But accepting each for what one is,
And still loving them, matters.