#14 – The Hiss of the Dragon

The dragon hissed loud. The Things knew. They knew how close they were to the men of earth. They kept flying. The whole thing would be over in a while, they knew. They would kill each and every one of them, lay a new foundation where the earth was ruled by them instead of the humans, who were stupid and far below their level in terms of power, intellect and resources. They knew.

When they reached the Mountain, they stopped. It was only dusk then, and the humans wouldn’t cross it until dawn. They would be taken by surprise, thought one. A journey that would have taken hundreds of days got cut short to such an extent, and how did they do it? He laughed at himself when he thought about it. They had never thought of it before, and he didn’t know why it had been so. They had forgotten the basics of what they had been taught lives ago. They didn’t remember they could journey through the center of the earth. If that done, their time would have reduced on every trip that they made, but then, they had to have learned it some time, and this was the time.

They drank and they sang and they danced all night. Winter would be on them soon here. They had to enjoy the summer as much as they could, for this was the foretold Land of Always Summer. They had only heard about it, but now they witnessed the very being of it. They feasted on meat and their bellies were tight on alcohol. Yet they kept celebrating. It was almost midnight when one Thing, called Xaroxys, was so drunk he blew out fire and burned another Thing. The Death of Phaxys. The singers made a song on that, and sang throughout the rest of the night, whilst Xaroxys told stories of how it happened.

It was almost dawn when finally the singing stopped. Through the patters of the rain and the rumblings of thunder, the Things heard it. The humans were coming. They were near. The Things smiled. Someone was in for a big surprise. They put off their fires and put out their wings. Then they soared into the sky, one last time.

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