Without Masks

I pray for a day, when everyone around,
Would come out of their homes,
Without wearing their masks.
They would hold it in their hands,
And we’d exchange ours for else’s,
Wear the new one, and see how it feels.

Perhaps it would be difficult,
Perhaps impossible it would be,
A king to become a beggar,
A farmer to become a lawyer,
But that would be only a small part,
Of the troubles and joys that would be yet to come.
I imagine a priest in a liar’s mask,
Would it be difficult, I’d want to know.

I pray for a day, when everyone around,
Would throw their masks on the ground,
Let them get trampled by the others,
So that never again would they wear them.
I wonder what would happen then,
Would all around go forever unmasked,
Or build new masks to hide themselves?

Perhaps it would be nice to see,
What lies underneath the common face,
What we face when we face each one,
But then I wonder, and I think,
Would it be nice to know that a serpent,
Slithers amidst the grass we walk,
Or let it be as long as it,
Does not raise it fangs to poison us?


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