Would you believe if I told you,
That all this is only a dream,
That one day you’d wake up to see,
All these years, were only a dream.
What everyone does, is only a dream,
Only it is for somebody else,
I dream your life, and you dream mine,
Wanting to be a part in each other’s.
For the day we wake up, we would smile,
Come to each other and I’d tell you,
What I had dreamt for you,
And would patiently listen,
What you had dreamt for me.
There is no life, there is no death,
Everything is but only what we desire,
Not for ourselves, but for the one in our dream.
We don’t know them, who they are,
But weave their dreams, nevertheless,
Honing their lives, working hard for them,
And in the end what do we achieve?
We’ve led someone else’s life,
Pretending to ourselves it was our own,
And when we wake up,
They think we are dead.
But deep down we know,
We only woke up to see a new day,
And when we sleep again,
We would dream for someone else.


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