With The Wind

No one taught us, yet somehow we learnt,
To wear the masks that lure them for us,
And donned in them no one can know,
What we were, they care for what we are.
These moments of happiness, these seconds of laughter,
Will all soon be gone with the wind,
And with that it will take our masks away,
Then how will we hide what we have been?
Robbers and thieves, in our hearts we each,
We rob everyone of everything they have,
Yet don our masks such that we appear,
Our souls look pure, faith untouched.
Yet which one of us would believe in the gods,
The gods who take us away from ourselves,
Leaving a hollow in a place that had the heart,
These words, these emotions, gone with the wind.

The sands of time they say will pass,
Between our fingers even as we see them,
But they know and they never tell us about the sea,
The one which washes all the sand away.
The walls have cracks, ay, they will break too,
But who had raised them in the first place,
Why, we had done what was good for us,
Never thinking about the consequences they would hold.
So now when our lives are gone with the wind,
Why, the wind has taken much more than our lives,
As the sea which laps against the shore,
Our hearts have lapped against our minds,
Then returned slowly to the depths of darkness,
Which forever in its cradle holds it with love,
And even now when love but ceases to exist,
We call them out, but they are gone with the wind.

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