The Journey – 1

She walked through the desert, a dry barren land,
The heat forever taking the toll on her,
But she didn’t stop, oh no she couldn’t,
She kept strolling, strolling forever.
Through sand dunes she walked, her legs forever aching,
Seeped into the sands, sometimes they felt cold,
She knew then it was night, and stopped for a while,
Or else she never knew, her eyes were too old.
Of people around her, alas, there were none,
Sometimes a crow would caw in her ears,
And late at nights, sometimes a snake slithered through,
She wrapped it on her fingers, she had no fears.

A fortnight she had walked, and then another,
And then another, it seemed like forever,
Yet she knew for well the road she’d taken,
And that if she stopped, it would kill her.
She saw a leopard run across the field,
Spotted it mingled with the dust and the land,
A humongous bear, all black and furry,
Slept half buried inside the sand.
Yet she kept walking, none were her cares,
And she kept walking, day after day,
Oases turned into mirages, and her throat went dry,
Yet she walked and she walked, came what may.

The next day she woke up and in front of her,
Stood her lover she had loved for four years and one,
And as she touched him he did disappear,
Became a raven and flew towards the sun.
The sun was above her head and hot,
And her skin had turned to black from red,
Yet she walked and she walked, walked forever,
Otherwise she might as well be dead.
As evening came, she stopped walking,
Her nostrils flaring with a smell she knew,
The smell of the city she had longed forever,
And atop her head the banners flew.

She knew if she went in, she would be contented,
They would greet her as his wife,
As their sister and as their mother,
It would be a pleasant life.
But she couldn’t do that, this wasn’t her place,
She had sworn promises to the other gods,
And for them she had to be at another place,
Fighting herself against all odds.
So she moved ahead, never stepping in,
And she walked and she walked, through sand and storm,
Never stopping to see what she left behind,
Never resting her feet, be it dusk or dawn.

Five and a day later, when she was all but dead,
Her eyes turned moist at what she saw,
The sands of the desert replaced by green meadows,
A lake of snow, which would soon thaw.
She ran towards it, and she ran very fast,
But her legs had given up on her,
She called out a woman squatted beside the well,
Her clothes were all covered in fur.
When she turned towards her, she couldn’t speak for a while,
They both were the same, as if twins they were,
Bu they knew it weren’t true, they were one and the same,
She covered in sand, she covered in fur.

Read the second part in A Journey – 2.


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