Quick – Chapter 6

“Hey, hey, are you even listening?” she said.

Ah, snap. So she weren’t dead. It was a pleasant dream, though.

“Yes, I wanted to hear the long story.”

“Yes, and I already told half of it before I realized you were in some different world.”

“I wasn’t,” I said, trying to mock her.

“Yes you were. Okay so why don’t you tell me what I said?”


“Okay, fine, I wasn’t listening. Got caught up with some work in my mind. Care to tell me again?”

“Yeah, and I won’t.”


“Fine. But listen now. We will be reaching my room in two minutes. Then we can talk, and I will brief you on whatever you wish to know.”

“Two questions.”

“Fine. Throw them?”

“Got any wine upstairs?”


“And a comfortable bed?”

She smiled. “Yeah.”

We got off and walked into the building.

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