The Last One and a Half Days

The last one and a half days have been very eventful for me. I would like to tell you how, but for that I would have to begin right from the beginning, where it all started.

It all started with me visiting my cousin’s house after a long duration. How long you ask? Well it’s been a year since I last visited him. And why has it been a year? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, for the last six months I’ve been at Delhi. I now stay there. So I came here, back to Jamshedpur on a vacation. The vacation is almost at its end, only two days to go before I pack my bags and leave for Delhi. But coming back to the point, I went to my cousin’s. So my cousin here, really has a cool collection of movies. By cool, I really mean anything and everything, because I am not really a movie critic; I can watch anything as long as someone suggests that to me. So we started off with a really not so new movie, (I just wrote really four times consecutively, that is sad),The Conjuring. I am not writing a review here, no, and I’m not telling you about the movie as well, because I think everyone around me has already seen the movie like about ages before today. However, to be honest, I did like the movie, not because of anything other than the fact that it helped me spend my afternoon well. You would well agree that it wasn’t a new concept at all, nor was it a really well scripted movie; in fact the sudden appearance of ghosts on cupboards and trees made it more than childish. Oh, and also I chose it over The Xpose, so I think it was a better choice any day.

But that was not all. The movie made me very sleepy. But I didn’t sleep, it was too hot (One of my most disfavorite seasons is the summer. But I’ll leave that thought for a later time.) Instead I came back to the other room to check what all other movies he had which I could copy and take with me; I had brought my laptop all the way from home only for that. Wait, at this moment, if you are thinking this write-up is going to have a climax or anything of that sort, you might as well stop reading, because this is going to be a very gloomy itinerary of one and a half days, and nothing more than that. So yes, coming back to where I left, I copied a set of movies onto my laptop, and then I learnt that my cousin recently started learning how to play the Spanish guitar. That made me so excited. I didn’t leap up from the bed or anything, nor did I cry out in surprise, but yeah, I was happy. So I asked him to play something and he did play some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite bands like Roxen and Jal, which if you don’t know, is perfectly okay because they are not very big world-famous bands or anything, but they sing really well, and you could probably google them up and listen to a few songs of theirs, if you know to speak Hindi. Else don’t even bother wasting your time. So we were jamming, oh and by the way, did you know I learnt to play the Hawaiian guitar? You would, if you read my “About Me”, but most of you haven’t read it I suppose, never mind, you can read that after finishing off with this write-up, or whenever you are bored with it. So where was I? Guitars, yes. So the basic difference between the Hawaiian and Spanish guitars, I really don’t know, I should probably google that up next and so should you, but the difference between our training was that where I learnt Hindustani Classical, where “Hindustani” is just a Hindi term for Indian, he learnt something else, the technical term even I’m not aware of, but it is basically the thing we play. He plays it like A B C D E F G, and does some chords and something. Whereas I played Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni, which is like Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti, whichever you’re more familiar with. Well this piece is getting longer than I hoped it would, but let’s not go into the details of guitars, because it’s been like seven years since I haven’t touched one, other than yesterday, which I only touched it, and nothing else.

Anyway, so we did a bit of jamming, we both sang whilst he played the guitar, it turned out to be real fun but we both sucked at singing. Oh, this is the first time I ever used the word sucked in three years of blogging. Tell me if you’ve read it in any other post, but I don’t think I have. So then after that we decided hey, let’s record it. Create moments. All that shit. We never could get down to that because someone or the other always kept coming inside the room and talking, and we never got a noiseless environment after that, though you should know that until we thought about recording, no one had stepped into my room for I think the past one hour. Murphy’s Law? Is that what we called it? May be I am confused between two different things. Then my parents turned up from somewhere and we left to visit another relative’s place, and this entire thing stayed pending for the next time we’d again meet, which would probably not be before the winter of next year, which is again like one and a half years from now. Wait for one and a half years, be happy for one and half days, is that the way of it then? May be. Moving ahead.

So then we ended up at this place. It was almost night. And I spent the rest of the time either watching movies or sleeping, but I’m still going to write about it here, now. So among the movies I took, my brother suggested me that my first priority should be to watch Now You See Me. Now I haven’t wikied it till now and as I write now, I do not have an internet connection to check with, so I don’t know what kind of ratings it got. You can check it online I’m sure, that, along with the summary if you’ve not seen the movie. Or better yet, watch the movie. It’s not a conventional movie. I’m sure you would appreciate the effort put into making the movie. I liked the movie personally. Did I just use the word movie in five sentences consecutively? Wow, that made it six. I’m not going to go to any good grad university if I continue to write the way I write, but still, meh. That feeling. Do you know the meh feeling? When you’ve stopped caring? I get that feeling sometimes these days, which is also why I’ve started writing so much. There’s so much to think, so much to do, that at a point you do feel like giving up. I haven’t reached that point yet, and I seriously hope I don’t reach it soon. But now I think I have. Mixed feelings. Oh god, this is becoming so boring. Let’s move to something interesting. So yeah, the movie Now You See Me. Watch it. It’s good. Alright, then when I finished watching the movie I went off to sleep and kept sleeping indefinitely.

I woke up today morning. And had absolutely nothing to do. 10:30 am it was when I woke up, way past the time people usually wake up, in fact everyone in the house had already been through breakfast and people had gone to their office as well, but I, was jobless. Had nothing to do. I will have something to do soon though. Did I write anywhere that I was placed? I don’t think so. So yeah, end of this month I am joining a really big company which does really big things in the field of electronics? Any guesses? Ah well, it’s Samsung. But that’s on the 24th, and today’s only the 12th. Once I join, I’ll hardly be able to write so much, or read books even. And books remind me, I have finished “A Storm of Swords” now, and already started with “A Feast For Crows”. Lady Catelyn is alive. Oh, sorry, I forgot to give you a spoiler alert. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. She may be dead and I may be lying, for all you know. So I was talking about today. I woke up at 10:30, yeah. Then I saw two movies back to back, which brought me to the afternoon. I wanted to do justice, so I watched one Hindi movie and one English movie. Now all Indians around, don’t judge me please, but I watched “The Xpose”. For people who don’t know why I asked not to be judged, you could google up Xpose + Himesh Reshammiya. Or better still, see its reviews or the actor’s reviews on any other good site. It was a waste of time, yes, but then, I just felt like watching it. For all you know, it wasn’t that bad actually. I had expected worse than what I saw. But since I had taken the trouble of copying it on my laptop, I thought it would be worth watching the movie. Hah. I was clearly wrong there, but then people make mistakes, and so did I. The music was good though. And to Yo Yo Honey Singh, I would really like to request you, NEVER EVER act in a movie please. I could spend some time telling you the plot of the film, but it’s really not worth it. You should watch it at your own risk, with subtitles. Just kidding, please don’t watch it. Catching flies would be more productive.

But the next movie that I saw right next made my day. It was a really good movie. I don’t know what genre to put it in, I should probably look that up too, and just now I realised I’ve been talking about looking up the internet and googling too often in this post. It’s called the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was released some time last year, and it’s a very peaceful movie. One should definitely put in on his list of “definitely should watch movies”. The message the movie gives is a powerful one, one that also inspired me to actually sit down and write this. It tells you about a secret life that each one of us can have, and it’s not philosophical, definitely not like the Monk who Sold His Ferrari. High five if you too hate that book. I should go back and sleep now, and publish only this much in the post, because if I don’t stop now, I may keep writing and writing and never stop. The fun about writing is you don’t need to care what others think or say, it is solely yours, and it doesn’t disturb others. For example, right now it’s 12 am in the night and everyone save me is sleeping in my room. My mother. My father. And they are not getting disturbed by the flood of thoughts in my mind right now. It’s all cluttered in my brain. I need to settle everything. They say correctly that you should first jot down points, then write systematically, keeping only one idea per paragraph. I should start following all those ways, probably my write-ups would be better then, and may be, one day, one fine day, though that’s only my dream, one fine day, I’ll have a good number of people who visit this blog. That’s the only reason I reopened my blog with a different name. The only reason why I restarted writing. Now that I think, that’s not the only reason. I felt what I write should be more than just pages in my Microsoft OneNote. I felt that may be, somewhere, someone can connect to me because probably he or she thinks in a similar way. And that is why we write, don’t we? To connect. To be happy. The latter more important. To be happy. Happiness is important, yes. I just wrote about it a few days ago. Did you read it? No? Go check my post titled “Is Happiness Expensive?” May be you will like it.

I think I’ll stop now. And I’ll get back to you soon with another one, which would probably be less cluttered in its thoughts. Wish me luck, so that I can become a better writer. One like my idols. Who am I kidding? That’s never going to happen. But yeah, all the same, tell me how this was. Comment, for sure. See you soon. Oh, and I’m going to see another movie now. 2 States. Heard about it? It’s an adaptation of a novel by the same name by an Indian author Chetan Bhagat. I did not really like the book towards the end, but I’ve heard the adaptation is quite good. Let us see how far that amazes me. Anyway, bye. That’s 2231 words there.

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