Quick – Chapter 2

It was exactly eight-thirty in the morning when I reached her house. I knocked at the door, and heard the barks of a dog. First impression, bad. I hate pet dogs. They start barking as soon as they hear a knock on the door, and then they come out and look at you, and start barking more. If the owner asks it not to, then it will come and start sniffing you. Street dogs are way better, they like to mind their own business. I love street dogs. I also love free breakfast, which was why I was here so early today.

The house was a rather small house, and I had expected much more of it given the way she’d invited me. Beside the door, there was a small fireplace, which hadn’t been touched for centuries. Then there was a sofa, a small one, which could seat two people who were, may be, on a diet. A rack of utensils right above it, a stove behind the sofa, and after ten or twenty inches, there was the bed. A window on the other wall, and a door which led to a tiny washroom. That was all.

We had breakfast on her bed, which was already half covered with a pillow, mattress and a laptop. So she did not have a television and did not have a landline phone, but she had a laptop. Cool. Breakfast was tidy, with unlimited toast and unlimited coffee. She spoke a lot. She asked me where I was from, what I did, why I had come here, how long I was to be here, what my parents do and a lot more even before I could ask her what her surname was. I got a call from home and by the time I was back, she had cleaned the bed and was working on the laptop.

“So..”, I said.


“So what next?”

“Nothing, I don’t know. Listen I am a bit busy today, so can’t go out. May be we could meet next weekend. I am extremely sorry.”




So she’d waited all through breakfast, only to say she was busy? Somehow things weren’t summing up together.


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