Without Masks

I pray for a day, when everyone around,
Would come out of their homes,
Without wearing their masks.
They would hold it in their hands,
And we’d exchange ours for else’s,
Wear the new one, and see how it feels.

Perhaps it would be difficult,
Perhaps impossible it would be,
A king to become a beggar,
A farmer to become a lawyer,
But that would be only a small part,
Of the troubles and joys that would be yet to come.
I imagine a priest in a liar’s mask,
Would it be difficult, I’d want to know.

I pray for a day, when everyone around,
Would throw their masks on the ground,
Let them get trampled by the others,
So that never again would they wear them.
I wonder what would happen then,
Would all around go forever unmasked,
Or build new masks to hide themselves?

Perhaps it would be nice to see,
What lies underneath the common face,
What we face when we face each one,
But then I wonder, and I think,
Would it be nice to know that a serpent,
Slithers amidst the grass we walk,
Or let it be as long as it,
Does not raise it fangs to poison us?


Would you believe if I told you,
That all this is only a dream,
That one day you’d wake up to see,
All these years, were only a dream.
What everyone does, is only a dream,
Only it is for somebody else,
I dream your life, and you dream mine,
Wanting to be a part in each other’s.
For the day we wake up, we would smile,
Come to each other and I’d tell you,
What I had dreamt for you,
And would patiently listen,
What you had dreamt for me.
There is no life, there is no death,
Everything is but only what we desire,
Not for ourselves, but for the one in our dream.
We don’t know them, who they are,
But weave their dreams, nevertheless,
Honing their lives, working hard for them,
And in the end what do we achieve?
We’ve led someone else’s life,
Pretending to ourselves it was our own,
And when we wake up,
They think we are dead.
But deep down we know,
We only woke up to see a new day,
And when we sleep again,
We would dream for someone else.

Then and Now – II

As I sat alone, dreams of the past flew by,
Of afternoons which had been like this,
Only then I was small, young not to understand,
And now I realized what everything meant.
I had a book in my hands today,
And I had a book in my hands that day,
But how different were the two,
Different as much as I have become,
In the days that have passed between us,
Between the old I and the I of today.
But the dreams never changed,
They stuck like the bee stung to one’s finger,
They stuck like honey on the lips of the girl,
Ever so changing its way quite rarely,
But unbecoming everything and being the same.

The coffee reminded me of a different country,
A country where I’d stayed for a while in between,
With wooden walls and mammoth beds,
And the coffee which boiled in the kettles.
The dreams I had woven lying on that bed,
The dreams never changed, they are the same.
And that only meant one harsh thing,
The dreams were never fulfilled.
And was it not true that deep inside,
I knew the dreams would forever,
Remain unfulfilled as the wish to see dinosaurs,
Then why did I still run after them?
What made me so persistent in it?
I look for an answer as I sleep today,
Knowing that the same dreams would wake me up.

Though I have named this ‘Then and Now – II’, it is not really a sequel to Then and Now, which was posted back in 2012. It is more of a thought on the same lines of the past and present and how some things change and some never do.

New Plans

Hello everyone. So July is almost here, and you will be pleased to know that this month, I intend to reach the number of posts to 200. This will require a bit of effort, since I don’t want to fill garbage in here. Nevertheless, I will try my level best to reach my goal.

So what else have I been up to? I have been trying to figure out many things of late. But most of it is boring and does not qualify to be put up here. I have been wondering why my nine-chapter story ‘Quick’ turned out to be a failure when ‘Shaena’ was well appreciated. I finally settled down with believing that the reason is two-fold. Firstly, there wasn’t a concrete plan as to how the story would end when I first started it, which may have led it to sway from the original motive and go to an undesired end. The second, which I think played a bigger role was that there was a one-year gap between the first half and the second half of the story. This gap included a year of tremendous change in my mindset, as well as my favorite genres, which may have swayed the entire concept wrong. But again, there are some people who did like it and I am grateful to each and every one of you who spent their time reading my blog.

A more important question here is what is next. Now that Quick is over, what is the next new project I have at hand? That brings me to this discussion. As most of you might have known from my earlier posts, I am now employed by Samsung as a full-time engineer. However, as much time as that will take off me, I do maintain a plan to write consistently for this blog as well. That brings me to my new set of posts, which I call ‘Autumn’. I am very excited about this series. It is because I personally like what I am writing. I am going to spend some time writing it before I put it up, and may be it will get extended from what the plan is as of now, but this is a personal recommendation to read the posts categorized under ‘Autumn’.

That much for now. Let’s read more, and write more, so that the world never falls short of things to read. Bye bye for now!

Quick – Finale – Chapter 9

Sometimes it seems you live a dream in its entirety.

The cipher the man gave was insolvable. I don’t even remember what it was, but it was well beyond my limits. I was no codebreaker, and had no course on cryptography when I was at the university. I tried to explain this to them, but they wouldn’t understand. Clearly, they had chosen the wrong person. Or probably they were mistaken. I have no clue, but I couldn’t give them what they wanted.

Ten days drew to a close. I had to pack my bags and leave. Just as I was about to check out of the hotel, I got another call.

I didn’t pick it up.

Two minutes later, the phone rang again. It kept ringing and I kept ignoring the call. They had all found out the truth.

Juliett Macber, just a name, that I had forged for her. She never knew that. She couldn’t. She had never seen her boss, only talked to him on a computer screen. The whole concept, built, tested by the same person who they were constantly trying to put on at the other end. But only I was, on both ends. I picked up the call.


“Sir, our client couldn’t solve the code. He says he isn’t used to all this. What should we do?”

I smiled. Laughed to myself a little bit. Probably they’d never know why I plotted this entire scheme, why I did what I did, and what consequences this would have. It would but forever remain a mystery to them, for they would never be able to talk to their boss anymore, nor to the client, both one and the same. All I needed to do was press a few buttons. Only a few buttons. They would all die. All of them. Terrorists. Trying to cheat the common man. They didn’t know the power that the regular citizen had. Yet they would feel it, now.

I pressed the buttons. Somewhere in the other corner of a city, a room exploded. A thousand Juliett Macbers died. And with them the story. That I did quickly enough.

Quick – Chapter 8

A week later.

My beard had grown from a stubble to one which made me look like a beggar. I had been asked not to shave, and the reason that I could only comprehend was they were stupid. Turned out they weren’t.

A guy turned into my room. Name Charlie. Okay, I had got a second chance at figuring out what exactly this was about. Though I was almost sure nothing would turn up, just like always.

“Hallo,” said he.

“Hallo.” He looked strange; standing tall, almost one and a half my height, and had only one hand. His left eye was bruised, and his beard unshaven for almost half a year. In his only hand, he had a ring on each finger, thick rings, made of steel. He looked strong too.

“Komm, will mein Manager, Sie kennenzulernen.”

A week had rendered me useful in but one way, I now knew bits and pieces of their language. “in Ordnung,” I said.

The manager was strict, and a man who liked to speak to the point. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

“Nein! Only little bit.”

“Then in English we must talk. Little bit I know English. We make comfort in that. Okay?”


“Cipher, you know? There is one. No one solves. Everyone foolish. I hear you good. Do it, and be free.”

“Okay.” So finally they give out why they keep me. Hah.

With The Wind

No one taught us, yet somehow we learnt,
To wear the masks that lure them for us,
And donned in them no one can know,
What we were, they care for what we are.
These moments of happiness, these seconds of laughter,
Will all soon be gone with the wind,
And with that it will take our masks away,
Then how will we hide what we have been?
Robbers and thieves, in our hearts we each,
We rob everyone of everything they have,
Yet don our masks such that we appear,
Our souls look pure, faith untouched.
Yet which one of us would believe in the gods,
The gods who take us away from ourselves,
Leaving a hollow in a place that had the heart,
These words, these emotions, gone with the wind.

The sands of time they say will pass,
Between our fingers even as we see them,
But they know and they never tell us about the sea,
The one which washes all the sand away.
The walls have cracks, ay, they will break too,
But who had raised them in the first place,
Why, we had done what was good for us,
Never thinking about the consequences they would hold.
So now when our lives are gone with the wind,
Why, the wind has taken much more than our lives,
As the sea which laps against the shore,
Our hearts have lapped against our minds,
Then returned slowly to the depths of darkness,
Which forever in its cradle holds it with love,
And even now when love but ceases to exist,
We call them out, but they are gone with the wind.