The Artist

We were in an alley, it wasn’t that dark,
And suddenly you turned into a bat,
And showed me the way out of it into the darkness.
I, the wolf, looking for prey,
Sniffing into the darkness, smelling blood all the way.
I looked up at the sky, the starry night,
And suddenly it was the roof of my room.
You were sleeping by my side, your hair twixt my fingers,
The warmth of your breath, the fragrance of your skin.

I woke up and as I put my feet on the floor,
It crumbled into air and I was falling,
Falling down, down, down and I felt dizzy.
Then I don’t remember what happened next,
But when I woke, I was on a field,
The grass was green,
A meadow of yellow flowers,
I seeped my toes beneath the soil to feel the cold,
And felt something rising up my shin.
It was you, only you were very tiny,
I picked you up in my hands, you smiled at me.
Then suddenly you were large,
Just like me.

We ran and we ran, until we lost our breath,
Then we stood, looking into each other’s eyes,
Smiled a shy smile, and your eyes closed,
As I heard your breath again, only for moments.
Then the ground drifted, and we started moving apart,
We were back in the art studio.
I painted you in red,
You painted me in yellow.

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