How It Changed Entirely

This is a sequel to Nothing Has Changed.

It is true that you change,
When people around you do,
Or else I wouldn’t be writing this today.
It is true that you change,
When I am absent,
Or else I wouldn’t be writing this today.
For coming back and starting,
From the point you left off,
Is never the same as not leaving at all.

You understood my eyes,
What they meant without speaking,
Now you can’t hear me,
Tell me, who changed?
You smiled at silly jokes,
Now you mock me with others,
Say I am stupid,
Why, who changed?

Goodbyes were meant to be happy,
Yet this time it isn’t,
I am sad and I’m upset,
But you wouldn’t know,
You are busy there, out with new ones,
And like old newspapers I’m trashed in a can,
Know that I’m sad to see,
How it changed entirely.

Abyss 5

Someone walked in through the bedroom door,
Walked out through the balcony,
And jumped to the ground below.
I kept looking at him, a known silhouette,
A plethora of emotions, a croaking of a raven,
The smell of first rain, and the salt from the sea,
The early morning breeze, and the hundred known faces,
All converging into one, then diverging into many.
I looked at the mirror, he looked at me and smiled,
Then vanished as the waves that lap against the shore.
He jumped back from the ground into the balcony,
This time I jumped to reach him, to hold his hand,
He wasn’t real, the face was now mine,
We had interchanged, only if it were for true.
The smell of smoke, of petrol and the wind in my hair,
We were racing on a road travelled years ago,
He looked at me, and his bike speeded up,
In a moment he vanished.

I was back on my bed, getting down to open the door,
He visited me for some notes,
We broke our fast together but his plate was untouched.
There was another woman going up the stairs,
She waved at me, and her face changed into his.
Then there was laughter, and I was in the classroom,
Sitting behind him, and he cracked a joke.
Everyone around was laughing, laughing merrily.
We came out of the class into the open air,
The grass so green and soft, like it was alive all over again,
We smiled, and yet tears were shed.
Someone shook me and I woke up, it wasn’t that bad a dream,
After all it was only a dream.
Or so I wished.

The Artist

We were in an alley, it wasn’t that dark,
And suddenly you turned into a bat,
And showed me the way out of it into the darkness.
I, the wolf, looking for prey,
Sniffing into the darkness, smelling blood all the way.
I looked up at the sky, the starry night,
And suddenly it was the roof of my room.
You were sleeping by my side, your hair twixt my fingers,
The warmth of your breath, the fragrance of your skin.

I woke up and as I put my feet on the floor,
It crumbled into air and I was falling,
Falling down, down, down and I felt dizzy.
Then I don’t remember what happened next,
But when I woke, I was on a field,
The grass was green,
A meadow of yellow flowers,
I seeped my toes beneath the soil to feel the cold,
And felt something rising up my shin.
It was you, only you were very tiny,
I picked you up in my hands, you smiled at me.
Then suddenly you were large,
Just like me.

We ran and we ran, until we lost our breath,
Then we stood, looking into each other’s eyes,
Smiled a shy smile, and your eyes closed,
As I heard your breath again, only for moments.
Then the ground drifted, and we started moving apart,
We were back in the art studio.
I painted you in red,
You painted me in yellow.

How Stupid it Was

Oh, what had I said, and how I had strived,
To show you I mean it, do you remember?
Long messages and texts and so much of talk,
So many other fights, so much of proof.
Now I laugh, when I think over it,
What was I doing, how mad was I then?
Didn’t I see right through it,
The foolishness that I was pursuing?
And look at us, now how we are,
Not an inch different from how we were then,
Then what did I strive for, and what did I achieve,
What did I do, oh what did I do?

We stopped talking, and then we talked again,
I stopped loving, and then I loved again,
Oh, how did that other girl suffer,
Who kissed me one night, knowing we weren’t we?
And how did that guy fight, knowing nothing would change,
How did people take sides, do you remember?
How I lost so many friends, then gained all of them,
And how everything went an entire circle?

Do you know something though, I really did love you.
It doesn’t matter at all now, no, it doesn’t.
But still you should know, yes, you should,
That I meant it then, every single word.
Now how we are, I know we’ll remain so,
Then we were, no we are, and forever will be,
There were some pages in the book that I wanted to read,
But then, may be the unfinished book has its own beauty.