She Had Wings – 3

So they travelled far away,
And the horse had to keep pace with the girl as she flew,
They walked through deserts and they flew across seas,
And sometimes they slept under the trees.
When finally they reached a valley so green,
And the sun shone and each roof glimmered,
They kept walking through narrow walkways,
Until they reached a house,
Where an old lady sat outside the house,
Knitting sweaters for her daughter she’d never see.

The girl ran up and sat in front of her,
And while the lady cringed her eyebrows,
Trying to locate where she’d seen her,
She slowly turned back and revealed her wings.
A smile so great I’d never seen before,
Shone upon the old lady’s face,
And they hugged and they wept,
And they wept and they hugged.
The prince held back his tears, but he was welled up too,
But then at this next sight he couldn’t help but cry,
When Cinderella and Cinderella held hands and rose,
And into the blue space above they’d together fly.


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