She Had Wings – 2

Five years later, the girl could fly,
And everyone loved her, they called her a Dragon,
Except her father, he called her a dragon-fly.
She was pretty like an angel, eyes blue as the sea,
But the man couldn’t care less, her beauty he didn’t see,
She was his daughter, or was she her maid,
That their dog felt more loved,
Than she had ever been loved by anyone.
She was locked inside a house, and sunlight she’d never seen,
And at night she called her father by his name,
And did stuff only a mistress five times her age,
Could have done with that man.

One day a prince, richer than all other kings,
Asked his horse to take him,
To the place where the most beautiful fairy lives,
Whose name he called Cinderella.
The horse trotted day and night,
And the horse trotted night and day,
Until it finally reached the house of the girl,
Who sat inside weeping softly.

He knocked on the door, Is anybody there?
I have come from a faraway land,
Where princesses sit on cushiony chairs,
And dine on the finest ever heard in the world.
But Cinderella couldn’t open the door,
Her hands were chained to a room inside,
So she kept working in her room,
And she shouted Go away, or you may die.

I won’t, said the prince, and he waited there,
And when the father came walking by,
The horse neighed louder than any you’ve heard,
And ran towards that stubborn guy.
The poor man shouted, but what else could he do,
Beneath the legs of the strongest horse,
And the prince laughed at him and took out his sword,
And slit! Alas! Now the head was inches away from the corpse.

He took the key and opened the door,
And rushed inside to where the princess sat,
And they kissed and they hugged and they smiled and they laughed,
What is your name, he asked the girl.
Dragon, she replied, pointing to her skin,
That was harder than any metal he’d ever seen,
And she turned around, and the prince’s eyes,
Shone and gleamed, oh what a scene,
Her wings so white, like a dove, only prettier,
He took her in her arms, and asked if she would marry him.

Yes, said the princess, but only if,
You take me to a land faraway,
Where the grass is green, and people smile,
Where the sun shines with all its might,
A lady sits there weeping for me.
Yes, said the prince, does she have brown eyes like you do too?
The girl said No, but She has wings.

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