She Had Wings – 3

So they travelled far away,
And the horse had to keep pace with the girl as she flew,
They walked through deserts and they flew across seas,
And sometimes they slept under the trees.
When finally they reached a valley so green,
And the sun shone and each roof glimmered,
They kept walking through narrow walkways,
Until they reached a house,
Where an old lady sat outside the house,
Knitting sweaters for her daughter she’d never see.

The girl ran up and sat in front of her,
And while the lady cringed her eyebrows,
Trying to locate where she’d seen her,
She slowly turned back and revealed her wings.
A smile so great I’d never seen before,
Shone upon the old lady’s face,
And they hugged and they wept,
And they wept and they hugged.
The prince held back his tears, but he was welled up too,
But then at this next sight he couldn’t help but cry,
When Cinderella and Cinderella held hands and rose,
And into the blue space above they’d together fly.

She Had Wings – 2

Five years later, the girl could fly,
And everyone loved her, they called her a Dragon,
Except her father, he called her a dragon-fly.
She was pretty like an angel, eyes blue as the sea,
But the man couldn’t care less, her beauty he didn’t see,
She was his daughter, or was she her maid,
That their dog felt more loved,
Than she had ever been loved by anyone.
She was locked inside a house, and sunlight she’d never seen,
And at night she called her father by his name,
And did stuff only a mistress five times her age,
Could have done with that man.

One day a prince, richer than all other kings,
Asked his horse to take him,
To the place where the most beautiful fairy lives,
Whose name he called Cinderella.
The horse trotted day and night,
And the horse trotted night and day,
Until it finally reached the house of the girl,
Who sat inside weeping softly.

He knocked on the door, Is anybody there?
I have come from a faraway land,
Where princesses sit on cushiony chairs,
And dine on the finest ever heard in the world.
But Cinderella couldn’t open the door,
Her hands were chained to a room inside,
So she kept working in her room,
And she shouted Go away, or you may die.

I won’t, said the prince, and he waited there,
And when the father came walking by,
The horse neighed louder than any you’ve heard,
And ran towards that stubborn guy.
The poor man shouted, but what else could he do,
Beneath the legs of the strongest horse,
And the prince laughed at him and took out his sword,
And slit! Alas! Now the head was inches away from the corpse.

He took the key and opened the door,
And rushed inside to where the princess sat,
And they kissed and they hugged and they smiled and they laughed,
What is your name, he asked the girl.
Dragon, she replied, pointing to her skin,
That was harder than any metal he’d ever seen,
And she turned around, and the prince’s eyes,
Shone and gleamed, oh what a scene,
Her wings so white, like a dove, only prettier,
He took her in her arms, and asked if she would marry him.

Yes, said the princess, but only if,
You take me to a land faraway,
Where the grass is green, and people smile,
Where the sun shines with all its might,
A lady sits there weeping for me.
Yes, said the prince, does she have brown eyes like you do too?
The girl said No, but She has wings.

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She Had Wings – 1

When she was born, her mother cried,
Tears of joy flowed like a stream,
Through the valleys that were carved,
On her face by a rod, when her husband
Had tied her to the bed and beaten her up.
Tears of sorrow, a sea swelled up,
That those were the only few moments she’d see her,
Her daughter did not belong to her,
Had lost it to custody, and she had known,
That to love was to be rich, and money had spoken.

She held her in her arms, looking at her eyes,
They were closed, the eyelashes had a tinge of brown,
And it reminded her of the days when he had said,
He would be with her for the rest of their lives,
And how those brown eyelashes were the sole reason,
He ran off with another princess,
While she the Cinderella stayed back, unaware.

The doctor came in, smiled at her and said,
You’ve been blessed with a fairy, he smiled,
And as he took the girl in her arms,
The mother noticed two small skinny things,
On her baby’s fair back.
She had wings.

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An Ode to the Oldest

The walls have grown, but once they were low,
When we met but for the first time,
Did not know what to say to whom,
Lost in our worlds, trying to get into new ones.
It was then I heard of you, first day of a new start,
Mapping your face to the roll call the teacher took,
Deciding how to talk and what when I meet you,
And how everything should look.
And lo! Nothing happened as I had planned,
We talked in broken sentences,
Had coffee and dinner and just random words,
Which formed the bricks on which we stand today.
Though with you I am no longer in touch,
I hope to get back to you one day,
We’d smile and say new hellos again,
And make plans, fail and become friends.