A Fresh Start

It was a new dawn, a morning to come,
When everything would change for the good,
The fresh morning air, the dim sunlight through the curtains,
Was doing a purely new magic with my mood.
It’s a fresh start I knew, a fresh start to life,
To venture into something I’ve never done before,
And as I closed my eyes to feel the warmth,
Someone knocked lightly on my door.
She’d come finally into my life I knew,
The one I had waited for all my life,
She had come to tell me how much I meant to her,
And how fruitful had been my strife.
I always kept thinking the rose was black,
Never checked on it to see how red it was,
How love and happiness wished to come to me,
How I had never supported the cause.
But today is going to be very different I know,
Today I’ll smile and let good things happen,
For I know that my life is worth living to its fullest,
And for once I’ll come out of my long lived in den.

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