A Fresh Start

It was a new dawn, a morning to come,
When everything would change for the good,
The fresh morning air, the dim sunlight through the curtains,
Was doing a purely new magic with my mood.
It’s a fresh start I knew, a fresh start to life,
To venture into something I’ve never done before,
And as I closed my eyes to feel the warmth,
Someone knocked lightly on my door.
She’d come finally into my life I knew,
The one I had waited for all my life,
She had come to tell me how much I meant to her,
And how fruitful had been my strife.
I always kept thinking the rose was black,
Never checked on it to see how red it was,
How love and happiness wished to come to me,
How I had never supported the cause.
But today is going to be very different I know,
Today I’ll smile and let good things happen,
For I know that my life is worth living to its fullest,
And for once I’ll come out of my long lived in den.

Four Letters

I see a smile on his face now,
A smile I wanted to see for a long time,
He’s happy, she’s happy, and so am I,
To smile and be cheerful, this is the time.
Now I know why the gods said,
They wouldn’t help me come what may,
‘Cause it’s not something you fight for,
It’s not something you can win or lose.
You don’t earn it either, and you don’t give it,
It’s just what the mind plays when it’s idle,
And when you get busier, you’ll forget,
That it existed, that I was.
He thinks he’s happy, I shouldn’t tell him,
How wrong he is, how wrong she is,
‘Cause I know he’ll be wronged, unfaithfully wronged,
And although they say there aren’t tears,
When men cry there’s only a fainter smile,
I’ll tell him that those four letters he uttered,
Will soon make him see what I’ve seen some times,
You never actually love anyone, it’s only
The love for yourself that you see in her,
‘Cause if you were to love one in this world,
You would love yourself, you should, you must.

For Those Who Care

I will smile, and be happy again,
Blossom like the flower of spring,
And cuddle myself against the warmth of sunlight,
And hide under a bird’s wing.
I will tell you what I think is wrong,
Why birds should go to school,
Why men should fly, why elephants should smile,
When the gods should rule.
None of it is what you think I am,
I am but a lonely wretched affair,
But I’ll change myself, change for the good,
Change for those who care.