Quietly I Weep

A winter night, in the quilt I lie,
Thinking of days gone past by,
When I could have lived happier than I was,
And in my heart, something thaws.
It melts and gives way to things underneath,
Words to be said, deeds that I did,
Tears that I shed, and secrets that I keep,
And here in my quilt, quietly I weep.
Words have no worth, deeds undone,
Songs unheard, happiness shun,
Where I stand today I have stood before,
Only then she was there, now no more,
Quietly I weep, and no one knows,
How dries in me a small black rose,
She knew I loved her, then why do I,
Stand here today, all happiness wry?
Call the birds and tell them to go,
Tell her what she did no one will know,
And people will think I was but mad,
To lose knowingly what I had,
But she and I know, and it will prick,
I loved you and I will, the clocks still tick.

Yes I Do

I’ve hid it for long now, and this is painful,
To see how things could have turned out otherwise,
If only I’d told you how much you meant to me,
And that you realized, that they weren’t lies.
I said I love you, and you pretended to ignore,
Or did you intentionally ignore it, I don’t know,
But this is painful, staying without you,
Knowing how each moment of mine would’ve been happier.
Were you with me, the skies would shine,
The rains would stop, and love be blind,
I’d kiss the moon, and burn with the stars,
And at night, come back in your dreams.
My soul cries out each night to me,
Tells me to tell you to be with me,
But I’m afraid, so tell me how,
I’d be with you and not lose you still.
‘Cause if you knew how it feels this way,
Your eyes would shine and you’d come to me,
And for once your lips would curl to smile,
Smile at what you’ve done for me.