The Rapist

Silently he watched her as she tried to cry,
Afraid her wail would hurt her more,
She’d gained everything in her life yesterday,
And lost it all in the shades of gore.
He felt a happiness chained to a pole,
Which he knew he would never reach,
And whilst he undressed her stealthily,
The thumps in his heart turned into a screech.
He knew he was wrong, he knew it all throughout,
He knew he shouldn’t have been here in the first place,
But happiness was money, money was life,
And the wish of a young man for an eternal solace.
Although the black mask embodied in it,
The darkness which both were going through,
She sensed a tear in the eye of the man,
As he her last piece of the garment threw.
He left her like that, didn’t bother to go further,
In came a man with a bag for him,
He took it and left, always looking at her,
And heard sounds from far of a mayhem.
Ashamed so much he was of himself,
He decided it was time for eternal solace,
And as his knife slit through his throat,
There was a wry smile on his face.

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