The Mindless Friend

Note: This is a sequel to Artificially Expert.

She looked up to see what it had in store for her,
“Are you in love?” it asked her next,
“This is not how you ask, ” she said to herself,
“Think before you speak,” she shouted almost vexed.
There are moments in your life, when everything,
Cannot be answered in a yes or no,
And it irritated her when it threw an error,
After she had written “I don’t know”.
How could she possibly tell it what she felt,
An angry bird, who tried to fly and failed,
Sat back in her nest and watched the others fly,
And silently with her head down, she had wailed.
She thought of last night when he had met her,
And told her what he thought was right,
He didn’t love her, she wasn’t good enough,
That he wanted her to be out of sight.
‘n’ she replied, and wished it would,
Understand her grief and ask no more,
The monitor blinked with ”Premises don’t agree”,
And though she knew it was right, it pained her to the core.
She rushed out to the kitchen, took a knife in her hand,
And slowly waited for the steel to turn crimson,
And when it happened, she realised she was fainting,
Only had love been a bit more fun.

Note: Long ago, it was suggested that people cannot explain how they think, but they can tell what they think. The fact is that people cannot really understand how they think. (If they did, it might not be such a big job to make a computer do it!) This is sometimes called the magic principle: On an emotional level, most people consider the process of thinking to be akin to magic.

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