Artificially Expert


“I have been thinking about it for some time,
And I thought it would be best,
That I share it with someone who knows me through,
In whose companionship I could rest.”
All the while she spoke to it,
She fed in her problems into the database,
Almost sure that her only friend would come up,
With the wittiest solution to handle the case.
“Are you alone?” it asked, and she replied,
“Well yes, almost throughout my life,
I’ve wanted someone to be by my side,
So that in his lap I could sleep past my strife.”
And though she had so much to say,
More than she could think in the blink of an eye,
She pressed a ‘y’ and waited for the next step,
The processor would come up with another question wry,
“Do you drink?” it asked, and she felt happy,
That she could confess it to at least one,
She’d lied from her parents that she’d never been drunk,
And she knew how wrong it was what she had done.
‘Y’ she replied, feeling happy enough,
Someone shared her secrets, she wasn’t alone,
And while she waited for the next question,
She glimpsed at the picture of the boy on the phone.

Note: An expert system is a program that contains information about a certain field and when interrogated, responds much like a human expert. Expert Systems have been programmed to deal with people’s thoughts. One of the first expert systems was MYCIN, which was developed at Stanford University to help physicians diagnose illnesses. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, that day is not far when our computers would probably act human-like, being friendlier than ever before.


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