The Rapist

Silently he watched her as she tried to cry,
Afraid her wail would hurt her more,
She’d gained everything in her life yesterday,
And lost it all in the shades of gore.
He felt a happiness chained to a pole,
Which he knew he would never reach,
And whilst he undressed her stealthily,
The thumps in his heart turned into a screech.
He knew he was wrong, he knew it all throughout,
He knew he shouldn’t have been here in the first place,
But happiness was money, money was life,
And the wish of a young man for an eternal solace.
Although the black mask embodied in it,
The darkness which both were going through,
She sensed a tear in the eye of the man,
As he her last piece of the garment threw.
He left her like that, didn’t bother to go further,
In came a man with a bag for him,
He took it and left, always looking at her,
And heard sounds from far of a mayhem.
Ashamed so much he was of himself,
He decided it was time for eternal solace,
And as his knife slit through his throat,
There was a wry smile on his face.

The Mindless Friend

Note: This is a sequel to Artificially Expert.

She looked up to see what it had in store for her,
“Are you in love?” it asked her next,
“This is not how you ask, ” she said to herself,
“Think before you speak,” she shouted almost vexed.
There are moments in your life, when everything,
Cannot be answered in a yes or no,
And it irritated her when it threw an error,
After she had written “I don’t know”.
How could she possibly tell it what she felt,
An angry bird, who tried to fly and failed,
Sat back in her nest and watched the others fly,
And silently with her head down, she had wailed.
She thought of last night when he had met her,
And told her what he thought was right,
He didn’t love her, she wasn’t good enough,
That he wanted her to be out of sight.
‘n’ she replied, and wished it would,
Understand her grief and ask no more,
The monitor blinked with ”Premises don’t agree”,
And though she knew it was right, it pained her to the core.
She rushed out to the kitchen, took a knife in her hand,
And slowly waited for the steel to turn crimson,
And when it happened, she realised she was fainting,
Only had love been a bit more fun.

Note: Long ago, it was suggested that people cannot explain how they think, but they can tell what they think. The fact is that people cannot really understand how they think. (If they did, it might not be such a big job to make a computer do it!) This is sometimes called the magic principle: On an emotional level, most people consider the process of thinking to be akin to magic.

Artificially Expert


“I have been thinking about it for some time,
And I thought it would be best,
That I share it with someone who knows me through,
In whose companionship I could rest.”
All the while she spoke to it,
She fed in her problems into the database,
Almost sure that her only friend would come up,
With the wittiest solution to handle the case.
“Are you alone?” it asked, and she replied,
“Well yes, almost throughout my life,
I’ve wanted someone to be by my side,
So that in his lap I could sleep past my strife.”
And though she had so much to say,
More than she could think in the blink of an eye,
She pressed a ‘y’ and waited for the next step,
The processor would come up with another question wry,
“Do you drink?” it asked, and she felt happy,
That she could confess it to at least one,
She’d lied from her parents that she’d never been drunk,
And she knew how wrong it was what she had done.
‘Y’ she replied, feeling happy enough,
Someone shared her secrets, she wasn’t alone,
And while she waited for the next question,
She glimpsed at the picture of the boy on the phone.

Note: An expert system is a program that contains information about a certain field and when interrogated, responds much like a human expert. Expert Systems have been programmed to deal with people’s thoughts. One of the first expert systems was MYCIN, which was developed at Stanford University to help physicians diagnose illnesses. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, that day is not far when our computers would probably act human-like, being friendlier than ever before.


Shaena – Finale – Chapter 9

A little bit of background research never harmed anyone, so I had proceeded to do that two days earlier, only to reach to the conclusion that Saeeka studied Commerce in our school, which was of course, by no means, a path towards finding solutions to problems in graph theory. As I strolled down the path, I saw her. She hurried out of her block, and pretended not to see anyone around, though I already knew what just happened. Research says that when you are more than nervous you tend to spill out all the truth, and I was going to apply just the same in the next few minutes, for Saeeka’s presence at Shaena’s block made absolutely no sense to me.

“Okay, I know what this is about, and Shaena already told me everything about it,” I said as I moved towards Saeeka from behind. She turned, dismayed, eyes staring the concrete road, and for the first time, it wasn’t how we talked earlier. She spoke up, “Okay, I am sorry. I did not intend to do all this. I have always considered a friend to be above everything. But sisterhood sometimes takes priority, and what I did was for your good. You didn’t stand up to it, and I am sorry about that.” Of course, that made no sense to me, because neither had Saeeka been much explanatory in her excuse, nor had Shaena ever actually told me anything about it.

In the next few minutes, what I gathered was that Shaena still had hopes that I love her, and was trying to find if it was still true, so he had asked for help from her first cousin, Saeeka. I had absolutely no clue why she would try to do this, but since I had never talked to Saeeka about Shaena, they both assumed I had got over it. And that was not true anyways. So, here I was, in the midst of a conspiracy, with no way to go out, losing something unintentionally again, and not being where I should have been.

Saeeka and I never met again after that. Shaena continues her no talking system even today. Sometimes now when I think what all happened, I can’t help but laugh at how things turn out just the opposite of how you want it. Of course, there is no God that does things good. If there were, I would have killed Him by now for being so helpful towards me. Had I believed in God, I would have prayed things turned out good one day and that she realised the fact that I loved her, only without deploying queer ways to do that. And there it ended, not so happily ever after.

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