Between the Two of Us

Making friends with darkness wasn’t as easy as I thought,
Night after night I spent helplessly with it,
And though loneliness supported me all throughout,
Darkness didn’t consider me quite for her fit,
Reminded me of all the times when I’d left it,
Alone in a corner and stayed with things bright,
For then I was different, quite different from today,
For then what I did, it was always right.
Between the two of us, I have said this,
To a thousand others and they’ve felt the same,
They’ve told me how right I was and how wrong I am,
To think loving darkness was an easy game.
But I know you want me, embraced in your shawl,
A shawl under which darker things do smile,
And I know with you I can be what I am,
For all’s a game, this world’s a wile.
Brightness, you’ve been good to me,
Like a friend in need, a friend indeed,
But now we’d better separate our ways,
For your eyes must be closed to each of my deed,
And I promise once I return, I’ll be better than before,
The dark would make me stronger I know,
Wait for me outside this door where you are,
And we’ll travel soon through high and low.

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