He’s Not Me

The one who sits with you by day,
Promises happiness wild and gay,
Says he’d bring the moon for you,
Where there’d be room for two,
He who says he loves you,
More than anyone else can ever,
And that the day he forgets you,
That day in his life would come never,
The one whom you kissed on the forehead,
When he was sad and wanted to die,
He’s not me.
I am the evil that you haven’t seen,
The star which shines on dark things light,
He who kills with his eyes painfully,
He’s me.
The one who promises to live with you,
Only to stab you behind your back,
To kiss you on your lips with his poisoned ones,
He’s me.
The one who said he’ll die for you,
Yet knows he’d kill you when needed,
Who shows you a smile and is full of wrath,
He’s me.
The one you love and the one you think of,
The one who never ever thought about you,
He’s me.

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