A thin wall which thickens day after day,
Stands in front of me, in front of you,
Separates us from each other, by night,
And now I can’t even see you.
From a smile to a word to whole days,
We had walked quite a mile together,
And though we seldom held each other’s hands,
We knew we wouldn’t be far from each other.
The warmth of your hand lingers in mine still,
The times when you looked straight into my eyes,
The moments you laughed, and I kept laughing,
The whole night thinking of how you smiled.
Weren’t we in each other’s dreams,
Where I told you that I loved you,
And you said you did so too?
The same street-lights light up my path,
Where tonight I walk, thinking about you,
Once we were two who walked this road,
Gone are those days, now it is one.
Come back to me like you came to me then,
Smile, laugh, shout, do whatever you did,
I’ve kept you happy, and I’ll keep you happy again,
Come back to me, I love you.


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