Then and Now

Its three and a half years, and still nothing has changed,
I was happy then, I am happy now,
But a portion of my heart still laughs at me,
Tells me I can’t lie to it and get away,
And I find myself back to where I begun everything,
That evening, that night, those words, my plight.
Come summer and to that day rewinds my life,
When it first all began, the end of everything,
And when I think about it I quietly smile,
That I am happy now, and I was happy then.
Some things are meant to happen and be forgotten,
This was no doubt one of them for sure,
Then why does my mind, my heart, and my soul,
Tend to keep it stored safely within it somewhere?
Sometimes on a moonlit night when I look at the moon,
I promise to you everything will be good again,
And then I laugh at myself how I saw your face in the moon,
When it was something that one could never get.
Somewhere deep inside somebody tells me,
All is well, you know you did the right thing,
Then tonight why do I wait for you, at the same place where you left me?
The moments we shared, are safe with me,
Come back once, and take them with you,
So that we double them and keep them with us,
Your love, your eyes, my pain, my cries.

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