Now I Know

Now I know how a new morning feels,
Now I know how a free sky feels,
Bound by nothing, yet bound to themselves,
They are in me, a group of elves.
Now I know how the free bird feels,
When it flies over hills and vales,
Now I know how the fresh grass feels,
When from green its color pales.
What I received was what I earned,
My happiness, my freedom,
Now I know how it feels for the king,
To rule alone his entire kingdom.
Our paths separated, yet who would say,
That once we walked the same path,
For now you are one, and I another,
Ways decided by our own wrath.
The god we believed in had died long ago,
Now I know how sad people feel,
People who believe in Him and are always betrayed,
Who forlorn slowly put on their lives a seal.
Now I know who I am in the least,
A human, a ruler of my own self,
Now I know how to lead my life,
Without anybody else’s help.

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