To Myself

Winds have come and they have gone,
Taken with them dust to her land,
And they have worked hard to break,
Each of my dreams, the castles of sand.
Yet I have decided to forget the past,
Bury everything and move ahead,
And the strength that this has given me,
Has increased and rendered my past dead.
I wish that when one fine morning,
I look back and see what I did in the past,
Things that I have done do make me smile,
And its happiness would with me last.
I wish I could say proudly to myself,
That as long as I lived it was without you,
And even as I die a smile lingered,
On my face, and on your face too.
They speak of shedding tears in happiness,
I’d speak of smiling when in grief,
You’d think of the times we shared a smile,
A time that was happy, albeit brief.
Today when I speak I am still happy,
And when you’d read this I’d be happy still,
Smile to yourself as I tell you this,
The space you left in me, no one can fill.

10 thoughts on “To Myself

  1. There is a certain kind of perfume in this poem of yours. It is both Smile and Sweet Melancholy. It is indeed very moving.
    Now, it would be interesting to have some contact. You said you studied Indian music – it sounds interesting as I am (also) a composer.


    1. Julien, thanks. πŸ™‚ I have studied Indian music for six years, and I am also a composer. I am happy to find someone who shares the same tastes as mine. Hope this contact lasts for long. πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Anindya,
        Do you still write music?

        You know what…? I saw once on Swedish TV a program with an incredible singer – Birju Maharaj. The guy was unbelievable – his art was pure joy. I tried to find him on youtube with no success though.

        Have you ever heard of him?


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