Shaena – Chapter 6

An evening of June, we were returning from our tuition. Our tuition had become much more fun now, at least for Shaena and me. For once, I was feeling now, that things were indeed going in the right direction. Two hours of the tuition, under the table, our legs would be intertwined, mine on hers on mine on hers. And we sat like that, without ever caring to care what went through our minds; it was just normal. Then this day came.

Our tuition got over around seven thirty, and it was raining heavily that evening. Like all girls, Shaena had an umbrella, and like all boys, I couldn’t care less; I didn’t even have a bag to carry my notebook, leave alone an umbrella. Since we lived in the same campus, we decided to walk together. We walked, and on our way, we talked random things. It was queer we never mentioned anything ever about what had happened, what was happening, and it seemed as if she did not care as to what was to happen. As for me, I had had a lesson once, and I had promised myself not to repeat it again, ever.

We had almost reached my house when the power cut off. As it was raining, I suggested to wait for a minute lest we step on something on the road. She agreed, which was obvious, since she was afraid even of the butterfly. ๐Ÿ˜› Whilst we stood, waiting for the lazy workman to go and switch on the generator, a thunder struck. And, instantly, Shaena caught my shirt tightly and hid her face in my arm. It was all too fast to think or to react, but the next thing I knew I did was push myself away from her. Not that I did that voluntarily, it just happened that I spotted her mother coming towards us. The moment was gone, it was dead. And although I had given a clear sign of disapproval to what Shaena had suggested, I never wanted to.

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