The pawn moves ahead one step at a time,
Because it knows it’s small and must carefully take its step,
And by being so careful it tries to hide the fact,
That it is the weakest of them all.
I still think sometimes why if it moved straight,
Even then it killed only on its diagonal,
Was it so weak not to face the one in front,
And tactful enough to kill the one diagonally,
For the fact that it would probably be looking in front,
And would miss this tiny one carelessly?
En passant makes it only a bit stronger,
To do a feat no one else can do,
But of what use is this strength, ah nothing,
When a checkmate never can it alone give.
Ha, forget a checkmate, it doesn’t have the strength,
To move ahead despite being blocked.
Don’t be a pawn in my way of love,
If you dareth, be the queen, if not, die.

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