She walked her way as I saw her from far,
Always too careful not to be too close,
For I’d fallen once, and I’d fallen hard,
To completely forget of the red rose.
She turned back once, and yes she smiled,
And whilst I thought what I should do,
She tiptoed her way back to where I was,
As I stood there frozen, unaware of the cue.
She took my hand and led me,
To a place I’d never been before,
When people were given masks to hide,
Their happiness, their grief, their pains sore.
As we dined she said what I had heard once before,
That she loved me more than anyone did,
And though I wished to say I did the same,
I kept silent and later only goodbye her bid.
She was like opium, which I both wished and craved for,
And yet I knew I should not procure,
For I did not want and I still do not,
To intoxicate myself, cause love’s insecure.
But before I stop let me tell you this,
There’s a dream which now and then I see,
Where you exist, and I exist too,
Where like the sky, the air and the waters, we are free.

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