The Night We Laughed Together

It’s been only a while, yet it seems so long,
Everything seems right when all’s so wrong,
You laugh and I smile, that’s all that I covet,
Your smiles make my day, so do not fret.
Your voice, your face, your eyes and your smile,
Can keep me walking with you for over a mile,
I do not love you, yet you feel so special,
A relationship beyond what words can tell.
The night we laughed together, I heard your pain,
As the girl who weeps silently in the rain,
I know you hide something, tell me what it is,
And I will vanish it off, as dies down the fizz.
There is a place which I have seen,
Where people die and no one seems keen,
Let us go there and see no one care for us,
That when we come back we do not fuss,
That in this world there is no one for us,
I am for you, you are for me, do have in me trus’.

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