Semester Evaluation

A long semester is finally coming to an end. I have my end semester examinations going on, and since probably I won’t meet you until December, or probably next year, I wish to acknowledge you all in this post. It’s been exactly a year since I had started posting, well almost, and although I haven’t succeeded in creating a huge fan group for myself, I have, indeed, succeeded in gathering a few followers, who constructively criticize my works.

This semester has been eventful for me literally. I started with The Namesake, as I told you. Thereon I moved to Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, which I bought on my way back to Manipal. It is a good book, and I suggest you all read it once, because I am sure you would like it. Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” came next. It is one of the most beautiful novels I have read till today. It’s one of those books which you do not want to keep down once you start reading it. I finished Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolution 2020” which disappointed me to quite an extent, because it is nowhere near good. It’s a hurried novel, with a typical Chetan Bhagat theme, and I would suggest you not to read it. Right now, I have with me Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight Children”, which I’ll read after my exams, probably.

In studies, well, I have always been bad and I remain to do so. As for my blog, I posted less this semester. I was kept busy with my regular tests and labs at college. Nevertheless I have started writing a short story, some chapters of whose is already up: Shaena. I have written at least four verses too. Technically, I learned Perl, and I did some learning of the terminal commands of Linux.

An uneventful semester, I hope to be more active in the next one, though this is a resolution I always make. For now, bye-bye and I will meet you soon. Stay safe, stay happy.  🙂

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