Lie To Me Again

A thousand times till today have you,
Told me things you never meant to,
That you love me was a lie, and I never cared,
For these promises that you made,
You made them only for you were scared.
No use, no benefit, so don’t make promises,
They’d pain you, they’d pain me.

You’d lied to me that you’d be there,
Or rather, you didn’t, because you are still there,
So what if you are not with me,
You’d never promised so, so let it be.
I did not care then, I do not care now,
I never conquered you, you were always free.

Yesternight when you said you’d die,
I considered it once, and then let it off,
For I’ve been used to such your sayings,
When you’ve said long sayings, but then backed off.
I did not suppose you’d do what you’d say,
And for the ignorance I did have to pay,
I had lost you once, I have lost you again,
For once, come back, lie to me again.

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