She walked her way as I saw her from far,
Always too careful not to be too close,
For I’d fallen once, and I’d fallen hard,
To completely forget of the red rose.
She turned back once, and yes she smiled,
And whilst I thought what I should do,
She tiptoed her way back to where I was,
As I stood there frozen, unaware of the cue.
She took my hand and led me,
To a place I’d never been before,
When people were given masks to hide,
Their happiness, their grief, their pains sore.
As we dined she said what I had heard once before,
That she loved me more than anyone did,
And though I wished to say I did the same,
I kept silent and later only goodbye her bid.
She was like opium, which I both wished and craved for,
And yet I knew I should not procure,
For I did not want and I still do not,
To intoxicate myself, cause love’s insecure.
But before I stop let me tell you this,
There’s a dream which now and then I see,
Where you exist, and I exist too,
Where like the sky, the air and the waters, we are free.

Semester Evaluation

A long semester is finally coming to an end. I have my end semester examinations going on, and since probably I won’t meet you until December, or probably next year, I wish to acknowledge you all in this post. It’s been exactly a year since I had started posting, well almost, and although I haven’t succeeded in creating a huge fan group for myself, I have, indeed, succeeded in gathering a few followers, who constructively criticize my works.

This semester has been eventful for me literally. I started with The Namesake, as I told you. Thereon I moved to Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, which I bought on my way back to Manipal. It is a good book, and I suggest you all read it once, because I am sure you would like it. Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” came next. It is one of the most beautiful novels I have read till today. It’s one of those books which you do not want to keep down once you start reading it. I finished Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolution 2020” which disappointed me to quite an extent, because it is nowhere near good. It’s a hurried novel, with a typical Chetan Bhagat theme, and I would suggest you not to read it. Right now, I have with me Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight Children”, which I’ll read after my exams, probably.

In studies, well, I have always been bad and I remain to do so. As for my blog, I posted less this semester. I was kept busy with my regular tests and labs at college. Nevertheless I have started writing a short story, some chapters of whose is already up: Shaena. I have written at least four verses too. Technically, I learned Perl, and I did some learning of the terminal commands of Linux.

An uneventful semester, I hope to be more active in the next one, though this is a resolution I always make. For now, bye-bye and I will meet you soon. Stay safe, stay happy.  🙂

The Night We Laughed Together

It’s been only a while, yet it seems so long,
Everything seems right when all’s so wrong,
You laugh and I smile, that’s all that I covet,
Your smiles make my day, so do not fret.
Your voice, your face, your eyes and your smile,
Can keep me walking with you for over a mile,
I do not love you, yet you feel so special,
A relationship beyond what words can tell.
The night we laughed together, I heard your pain,
As the girl who weeps silently in the rain,
I know you hide something, tell me what it is,
And I will vanish it off, as dies down the fizz.
There is a place which I have seen,
Where people die and no one seems keen,
Let us go there and see no one care for us,
That when we come back we do not fuss,
That in this world there is no one for us,
I am for you, you are for me, do have in me trus’.

Black Roses

She turned eight the day she died,
I still reminisce how I had cried,
How when I apprehended I won’t see her anymore,
My heart distressed me to the core.
But time nurses lacerations and so did it,
And light again in our lives were lit.
People unremembered her, oh, too soon,
For when we prayed in the light of the moon,
No one asked for her to rest in peace,
Except me, who said, “Bring her back, please”.

The garden where she frolicked with me,
The roses there metamorphosed from yellow to black,
And when I plucked one, it crumbled down,
As a paper crumbles down when burnt to ash.
My heart borne her, and it will do,
Till when, till where, I do not know,
Perpetually will last what existed for sometime,
Though a thousand others may come and go.
When tonight I pray that she be safe,
Wherever she is, however she is,
I mean to be unpretentious, and I promise her,
That I’ll be with her soon, wherever she is.

This Someone

When I am down, and sad and upset,
There’s this someone to cheer me up,
When on the roads I tumble and fall,
There’s this someone to pick me up,
When all around me are shadows cast,
There’s this someone to light it up.
When a hand I need to take a step ahead,
This someone’s hand I clutch onto,
When a smile I need to make my day,
This someone’s face I see up to,
The most complex things turn simple then,
When this someone assures me it is so,
And the simplest of all seems unresolvable,
When this someone tells me that it is so.

At sunset when the sky turns red,
When the herd returns back to its shed,
When the crows caw loud and sparrows twitter,
When all the world looks a degree prettier,
I sit on the wall with this someone with me,
And share what I did the whole of today,
I realize where and how I went wrong somewhere,
Which for long will in my mind stay,
This someone smiles when I admit my mistake,
Laughs and asks me to be happy and glee,
I love this someone, who is always there,
This someone is me, this someone is me.

Lie To Me Again

A thousand times till today have you,
Told me things you never meant to,
That you love me was a lie, and I never cared,
For these promises that you made,
You made them only for you were scared.
No use, no benefit, so don’t make promises,
They’d pain you, they’d pain me.

You’d lied to me that you’d be there,
Or rather, you didn’t, because you are still there,
So what if you are not with me,
You’d never promised so, so let it be.
I did not care then, I do not care now,
I never conquered you, you were always free.

Yesternight when you said you’d die,
I considered it once, and then let it off,
For I’ve been used to such your sayings,
When you’ve said long sayings, but then backed off.
I did not suppose you’d do what you’d say,
And for the ignorance I did have to pay,
I had lost you once, I have lost you again,
For once, come back, lie to me again.