It’s Yours

When the metal is hot, strike it you must,
But strike it only to the proportion just,
Or it may bend and then cool down,
And will never straighten itself again,
How much ever you may frown.
Just the correct amount of words and smiles,
And the counted number of silent expressions,
May sometimes just be enough to explain,
To the concerned one your confession,
And you may confess or you may not,
Keep it within yourself for years,
Or blurt it out and then wish you hadn’t
Allowed the words to reach her ears.
It is difficult to decide sometimes,
Which of the either is more painful,
To not say something you wish you had,
Or to say something you wish you hadn’t.
But sometimes or often it may so happen,
That out of stupid and silly mistakes,
You may get what you for long wanted,
And grab it before someone else it takes.
So grab your share today and now,
You never know if for you it is meant,
Or otherwise for years thinking you should have done it,
You would think about it and only repent.

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