Love’s Lagoon

Into the sea of grief when I will sink,
When unhappiness will fill me to the brink,
When from the glass of loneliness I’ll drink,
I hope you will be there with me.
There have been times when I was lonely,
But none like this came ever before,
When I wished from the bottom of heart,
Only if someone would open her door.
Let me sit for a while and have a drink,
And into the world of dreams let me sink,
Then when I would wake up I would leave,
Thank her once and later bereave.
These times soon passed, and I got you,
You came in my life when in it were left a few,
And with you by my side I have touched the cloud,
And even in silences I have shouted loud.
The wave of happiness then crossed over me,
I knew the next one wouldn’t come so soon,
And while I waited for it to come,
I spent my nights staring at the moon.
That moon still shines at me every night,
Telling me that you’ll be back soon,
And when you come you’ll clasp my hand,
Stay along with me in my love’s lagoon.

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