She Sells Seashells on the Seashore

I sit by the sea as it changes like the sky,
From yellow to orange to red and then black,
I see homeward the birds all fly,
Brown mynahs, sparrows, and crows black.
People come, sit, smile and talk,
Then get up and return to where they came from,
I don’t get up, this place is my home,
I don’t know where I came from.
Since years I have been all alone here,
And I haven’t intended to find someone,
But of late I have noticed this lady on the beach,
Who says to me she needs someone.
She sells seashells on the seashore,
Which one out of a hundred people buy,
And the two rupees she earns daily,
At the end of the day she looks at it and does cry.
I tell her of days when I was strong,
When I too had friends and my share of joy,
I tell her of the day when I was small,
And I had been bought my first toy.
And then when she asks how I ended up here,
A series of memories, a tear in the eye,
And I suddenly am dumbfounded,
I keep quiet though inside I do cry.
She says we’ll marry and have children one day,
I smile at her and she smiles back,
Because she knows it well and I do it too,
Today or tomorrow my bones will all crack.

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