Smell of the Past

Surprising it was for me and for her,
To be together at the same place again,
And I remembered the last time we met,
Promising that we’d never meet again.
She said a “Hi” and for the first two seconds,
My lips were tight and I couldn’t say,
Anything to her except stare at her beauty,
Though I knew it looked queer this way.
I said a brief “Hi” and hurried back,
Came back after some time again,
And though we were some spans away,
That we were not seeing each other did both of us feign.
The perfume she used a year ago,
Is the same she uses today,
And the smell of her body did remind me,
The smell of the past, where my memories lay.
Her hair was untied, to help it dry soon,
The wet hair seemed so perfect on her,
How I wanted to be close, close to her once,
Once upon a time we were so near.
I walked softly to her thereafter,
The smile on her face changed to a nervous one,
I reached her, didn’t stop and walked past her,
And heard her release her breath, a light one.
She didn’t talk, and for me it was natural,
I didn’t expect her to do so either,
Her presence was all that I wished for,
Her love, her life, I got of them neither.

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