The Soft Diamond

My eyes went to the opposite window,
And I saw many shirts,
And my eyes then came across my shirt,
And it had many windows.
My teacher told me that diamonds were hard,
Yet I knew of a soft diamond,
As rare as a blue rose, as priceless as air,
A diamond which no one could fund.
When it glittered it shone on us,
Its brightness was our light in the darkest of days,
And there was a time when it didn’t shine on me,
But soon did I realize,
That it was shining all the same,
Only I had been covered with a layer of soot,
That its light couldn’t penetrate and reach me,
Although it tried its very best.

I lost that diamond yesterday,
I tried a lot not to cry,
Though around me all were wailing.
His eyes were closed, a smile on his lips,
As if he were only sleeping.
And when on my shoulder did I bear him,
I felt the same like when I was small,
When he kept his hands on my shoulder…
I asked him once to open his eyes, he didn’t,
I didn’t speak to him since then,
And the only outcome of what happened yesterday was,
I have now turned an atheist.

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