What is Time?

Yesterday I was flipping through the channels, when I came across a channel where Javed Akhtar, a famous Indian lyricist, was reciting. I stopped at the channel, but unfortunately, the show had been going on for long and I could listen to only two verses and then it ended. He recited one in Hindi which he titled “Yeh Samay Kya Hai”. There were a particular number of lines which I remember, I loved them, and since I do not remember his exact words, I am writing in my own words. I thought it necessary to make the above statements, since this post is not completely original. The words of the prose ARE ORIGINAL, the thought is not.

What is time? When I travel in a train, it feels as if I am stagnant and the trees around me are moving. But the truth is not so. Actually I am moving and the trees and the surroundings are stagnant.

Similarly, can it be that it isn’t time that is moving, in fact, time is constant? It stands there, straight in a row, centuries after centuries, millenniums after millenniums, and it is we who move through them. This means that what already had happened is happening now, and whatever will happen is happening now, only the people concerned are different. Can it happen so?

What is time? If it has already passed, then where is it now? It has to be somewhere. If it is going to come, where does it stay before it comes? It has to stay somewhere. From which mountain does it arise and to which sea does it go? It has to go somewhere. Then, what is time?

2 thoughts on “What is Time?

  1. You write quite well. Keep it up. And yes, I must thank you for making my article “Please Don’t Hail Distortion Of Hindi In The Name Of Evolution Of Language! ” a part of your write-up.

    समय की दास्तान मेरी नज़रो में अनंत से अनंत तक की है 🙂

    -Arvind K. Pandey



    1. Thank you 🙂 And yes, we’ll visit each other’s blogs frequently and criticize each other constructively. 🙂


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