The Train

As I write this, this is the first time  I write something which is happening live.

Vibrations vibrate my body along,
As the train’s horn sings a song,
And there at the other end a baby cries,
And deep down somewhere my sleep dies.
A station comes, a flash of light,
Then again I go into the dark night,
Some people sleep, some chatter their way,
Who is how, no one can say.
A man snores on the seat beside,
And transports me to dreams of the place I reside,
Reminds me how when at my house,
Would snore loudly my mother’s spouse,
And then I could not sleep, awake by that noise,
And now I cannot sleep, dying to hear that voice.
I adjust myself, every now and then,
And wish that I could sleep, I don’t know when.
I think about people whom I shall meet,
When on the roads will walk together our feet.
My eyelids are heavy, they cover my eyes,
Yet I cannot sleep, and there the baby cries.
A million thoughts, a blink of an eye,
A mermaid, a fairy, a sweet painful lie,
This summer my love will grow once more,
Although my heart is red and sore.
I wait eagerly for the train to rest,
For then I’ll be where I want to be the best.

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