Down amongst the dust that pair of feet,
And on the feet the chiming anklets.
Took away from the flower their nectar sweet,
And housed it in the love birds’ nests.
A bee came once and sat on the flower,
Smelt it for long yet did not sting,
It stayed there for over an hour,
And did a hymn of undying love sing.
One night it so happened,
That out of anger,
The bee decided not to things mend,
And stole from the flower its nectar.
From then the flower, ah, has stayed,
Without the meaning of its life,
As if someone had stolen and betrayed,
Its whole existence, and all its strife.
It saw in the garden the other flowers,
Jealous it felt yet kept it quiet,
And in its heart built several towers.
Towers of dreams, by the night.
When will that day come,
Oh, will it come ever?
When in the flower’s kingdom,
Its fragrance will return forever.
Silently I pray to the Lord each day,
To show me those feet, that nectar sweet,
And I am sure he’ll take me on your way,
Where once again I’ll hear the chime of the anklets on your feet.

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