Nothing Has Changed

The gardens of my house still flowers bloom,
The trees in it still nest birds,
The windows of the room still bring sunshine,
And also the rains as they came with you.
Without you here, nothing has changed,
I don’t miss you, I really don’t.
You did a good thing leaving me,
A bolt from the blue was what I got,
But new things happen, and old things go,
Bygones are bygones, you must know.
You thought you’d punish me by going,
I really don’t care what happened,
I do not apologize, I never will,
But I still remember that last bill,
Which came with the last date we had,
I burnt it up, I was so sad.
But no more sadness, no more grief.
I’m thankful to God who made you weep.
The roads here still people walk,
The markets here still people crowd,
Yes, nothing has changed without you with me,
And nothing will change, I assure you that,
And so at last, and so at least,
Remember me when you cry like a beast,
And I will laugh when I realize,
That I was the one because of whom someone cries.

Come What May

As I sit beside the window today,
To varied memories my mind gives way,
A thousand things my heart wishes to say,
But time will go on, come what may.
The past is the sand of the castle of the future,
The glories we achieved, and endured the torture,
How we continued to fight ourselves every day,
But time will go on, come what may.
How happy days melted into soft cold nights,
How misunderstandings gave way to innumerable fights,
Go with your heart, don’t hear what they say,
For time will go on, come what may.
For in broken houses too good men stay,
All in hope for the one shining ray,
And I know I have lost myself as of today,
But time will go on, come what may.
Spicy evenings and delicious dusks we’d seen,
To the moon together we’d been,
And my heart has confessed what it should not say,
But time will go on, come what may.
If I die now, you should not be upset,
A better person than me you will surely get,
And with him your whole life happily you’ll stay,
For time must go on, come what may.

From this Side to that

From This Side to That
From This Side to That

My dream is to go to that side of the river, where the fields are lush and the trees are green, where people stay and days are serene, where I have someone to talk to… This side is barren, dirty and numb, the trees are dead without leaves and flowers.. the barricades stop me from going to that side.. but I need to go, I need to go. The boat is there, no boatman alas! but I’ll row it and I will go, once i reach the boat, once I reach the boat..

When I was small I used to close the fridge door really slowly just to see when the light went out

An awkward title, well, it just symbolizes the awkward mood swings I go into now and then. It seems for a moment as if the whole world was conspiring against me, and in the next moment the whole world lights my path, and this is not something new that’s happening to me, I have been going through all this since a long time now.

I remember how when I was small I used to close the refrigerator door really slowly just to see when the light went out. And I noticed, it always went out a fraction of a second before the door was closed. And then I grew up and read about the Butterfly Effect. Yeah, do not try to connect the former two lines, you won’t be able to. But I realised something important through this small fridge game of mine. The light always goes out before everything closes. You can always see the light going out, and be sure that something is going to close after this. Like for example, tube-lights going out before going to sleep, or the light of love going out before an actual break-up, which brings me to what I analyzed. Nothing happens all of a sudden, everything is a gradual process.

The darkest hour is before the dawn. But the converse is not true. Similarly, a put out of the lights of love does surely signify the end of it, but the end of it need not signify the putting out of the light from one’s heart. And though you may feel what I am writing is utter bullshit, and in some corner of the mind even I feel so, I actually am not.

When I started writing this blog, I had a motive. A motive to reach to specific people my thoughts. The mission remained incomplete. The motives changed. Now I write only for my pleasure. When I was small I won essay competitions. Yet I find it difficult to write in prose now. I prefer poetry, not only because it’s more beautiful, but because it’s an ability to express your feelings in a restricted environment. I do not have any ideals, I was never in this in the first place. I never read poems, except for the ones coming in the final examination. I used to read novels, but stopped after I read “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”, it was such a bore. I wanted to write in my blog an autobiography, but its draft wasn’t accepted by people who were characters in the narrative. I had to drop the idea. I posted every day, or at least every alternate day earlier, now I don’t. Not that I have less time, but that there are few things which I put up nowadays. I still write much more.

Dear eyelashes, wishbones, dandelions, pennies, shooting stars, 11:11, and birthday candles. Do your job.

Now that was the collection of the most unrelated facts u must ever have read!