Black Rose

The twilight came with a lightning,
And heavy downpours flooded the path,
Yet we did walk together,
And did in the rains take a bath.
And when we were on the road,
Didn’t you not at the thunder,
Hold firmly against my shirt,
And shortly realize your blunder?
But later you said nothing, kept silent,
How was I to understand,
That seeded in your mind were germs of love,
And that had made you hold my hand.
The rose apparently had to turn red,
From the yellow we had carried till today,
Yet you never gave me the hint,
And traumatized your fantasies by the light of day.
Yet when at length I decided to tell you,
And confessed to you my undying affection,
You said you did love me though once,
And now you were someone else’s possession.
It took me some time to digest the verity,
The red rose dried and it turned black,
My nights went sleepless and days melancholic,
And I cried at the pain of never getting you back.
Yet you came back for once, kissed me on the cheek,
And I thought for once you were again with me,
Yet soon did I realize you were waving good-bye,
And never again would I you see.
Today the twilight has come with a lightning,
And heavy downpours have flooded the path,
Today we both don’t walk together,
And I alone in the rains take a bath.

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