Dark Mornings 2

Yes, it is true that change is inevitable, and yes, it is true that what has gone will never come back, for the sands of time, once slipped from between the fingers, however hard you try, can never be recollected and put together again on the same hand. They say, “Let bygones be bygones”. I say, “How can anyone?” How can you forget the soil in which you were first planted? How can you forget the air which you breathed throughout your life? How can you forget her who you loved throughout your life?

Yes, this morning was dark. Dark enough to keep birds in the nests and terrorize them not to leave their sweet homes. As I sit on the verandah, introspecting my life, the deeds I did, the deeds I didn’t, the deeds I should have done long ago but never did for fear of consequences, and for which I am paying off now, the deeds.. I wish everyone should be given a second chance. A chance to relive life. A chance to undo all the mistakes, a chance to correct all the shortcomings, a chance to forget everything that we wish to, a chance to get brainwashed, just one chance would do though..

The clouds of grief have darkened this morning. Or should I say, the clouds of disbelief, or the fog of irrationality, or something completely alien to me, something which is abstract.. I know it’s there, intangible.. Yet the clouds will get overburdened one day, and then they will rain, and consequently they’ll disappear, and light will come again in my life, those sunny mornings will come again in my life, I am sure about that. I just need to wait… wait… wait…


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