Stepping Over a Blade of Grass

“Ah!”, an agonizing voice reverberated in my ears over and over again,
I looked around but couldn’t find anyone,
I moved a step forward, and “Ah!”, came the aching voice again.
I stopped for a moment, scanned my environs.
No, no one. Silence. I took a slight step forward, and,
“Ah!”, came the heart-rending voice again.
Slowly yet steadily I deciphered the mystery, and the origin of the voice,
And was most astonished to see,
It came from the blades of grass pressured under my foot.
As when the Giant would step on my chest,
I was the giant, and the grass, I.
I retrieved my foot, and bent down and looked,
At the blade of grass I had stepped upon.
A green, small blade, so tender, yet so strong,
So insignificant, yet so very significant.
You should never demean even the smallest of things I thought,
For even the grass in my eye would cause the same pain,
As which I had got when I had been betrayed in love..
Oh, were I a bird! I would fly in the sky and never hurt
The smallest of a grass, because its heart, now I hear it beat.

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