And again as usual I simply smile,
All my attempts still infertile,
And it has happened quite often this way,
So habituated I am, I can say if I may.
All my friends even today to me say,
People in dreams, they in dreams stay,
I don’t know why still I deny,
And destiny itself will I some day defy.
That I wished and I got,
Something I always sought,
It hardly has happened ever till date,
And I’ve left everything now upon fate,
Flow along with it where it’ll take,
See real things for once, tired of everything fake.
But time heals all, except for one,
I will love you always, though I never won.
Risky is life, subject to losing it,
And still I give it up, if for you I am not fit.
Seldom comes the time when I forget you,
Tell me what you feel, give me at least a clue,
And once I understand that nobody I am,
I will run away from your life, as far as I can.


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